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Buy Payz Top-up Card


Get a Payz top-up voucher from Rewarble to quickly recharge your wallet

Buy a Payz Top-Up Card to quickly add funds to your account. After purchase, you'll receive a code via email for a quick balance boost. This secure and convenient method ensures your Payz wallet is always ready for online transactions.

Instant Wallet Recharge

Redeemable on EUR accounts

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Buy Payz Gift Card online

Purchase a Payz gift card to seamlessly add funds to your Payz account for your online transactions. Redeem your card at to instantly credit your account. Choose from over 70 secure payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, and Cryptocurrency, for a quick and safe enhancement of your Payz account balance.

How to add money to your Payz account?

Adding funds to your Payz Wallet is straightforward. Simply go to Rewarble and enter your Payz Account ID. The funds will be directly added to your Payz balance. Be mindful of potential processing fees for transactions. Visit Rewarble's fees page for more detailed information on fees. Check the terms and conditions at Rewarble before using the service.

Broaden your online spending with Payz Voucher

A Payz gift card lets you use your Payz balance for online purchases without revealing your credit card details. You can transfer funds and subscribe to major platforms easily. Skine lets you pay for your Payz account with cryptocurrency for easier online money management.

Discover the benefits of Payz Gift Cards

The Payz Top-Up Card offers a secure, convenient, and multifunctional solution for online financial management. Its user-friendly interface allows for straightforward transactions, including easy top-ups and balance checks without a bank. With diverse funding options, such as credit cards and direct bank transfers, Payz is accepted by a wide range of merchants and online platforms. It ensures secure and instant transactions for real-time transfers in various currencies, offering rewards and advantages for topping up your Payz wallet. Accessible from anywhere at any time, Payz is a great tool for managing your online financial transactions.

Payz Gift Card: the ultimate digital gift

A Payz gift card from Rewarble is the perfect gift for anyone valuing the ease and security of Payz for online activities. Suitable for any occasion, it combines thoughtfulness with utility. If you're unsure about the recipient's preferences, Skine offers a diverse selection of gift cards, including a Rewarble Gift Card for general wallet top-ups, as well as Prepaid Visa cards, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Secure and reliable purchases with Payz Gift Card

Purchasing a Payz Gift Card is a fast, secure way to boost your Payz wallet. Skine supports a wide array of payment options, all verified and secure, making transactions effortless. With various denominations available, Skine provides a convenient solution for topping up your Payz account from anywhere in the world.

Earn points with every purchase

With every Payz Gift Card purchase at Skine, earn points towards free gift cards. No registration is required, and points are valid for a year, linked to your email address. Use your accumulated points to save on future digital gift card purchases.

Need assistance with your Payz Gift Card? contact Skine

At Skine, customer satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to assist with any questions regarding your Payz Gift Card purchase and use. Visit our support page for help and discover detailed guides to make the most of your Payz account. Our step-by-step guides ensure easy redemption and optimized use of your Payz wallet.

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