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Fortnite V-Bucks


Buy a Fortnite Gift Card, V-Bucks instantly delivered via mail

Redeem Fortnite V-Bucks cards in the Epic Games Store to get in-game currency for buying skins, emotes, battle passes, and more. Our digital codes are instantly emailed for easy gifting or topping up your own V-Bucks.

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Buy a Fortnite V-Bucks Card online

Improve your Fortnite gameplay with a V-Bucks Fortnite Gift Card. Suitable for all platforms, such as PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile devices, it's an easy way to get V-Bucks. With more than 70 secure payment options available worldwide, such as PayPal, Visa & MasterCard, Crypto, and Revolut, purchasing your Fortnite V-Bucks online is not only quick but also convenient.

Options for V-Bucks Cards

Get Fortnite V-Bucks cards to personalize your Fortnite gameplay with skins or save up for the next season's Battle Pass. Use the currency to purchase outfits, pickaxes, gliders, and other items in the game's store, which is regularly updated with new content and exclusive deals. Stand out on the battlefield with unique emotes and sprays. Dive into Fortnite's expanding universe with the Fortnite Gift Card.

Beyond Gaming: V-Bucks for entertainment

V-Bucks are not just for buying in-game items; they also give you access to events and experiences within Fortnite. This includes live concerts and interactive narratives. Fortnite is more than just a game, it's a digital entertainment platform that you can enhance with V-Bucks.

Gifting a Fortnite Gift Card

A Fortnite V-Bucks card is an ideal gift for any occasion, perfect for friends and gamers alike. Whether for a birthday, holiday, or just because, a digital V-Bucks card shares the excitement of Fortnite. If you're unsure about the recipient's gaming preferences and need an alternative, consider gifting an EA Orgin Gift Card, IMVU Gift Card, or Freefire Diamonds.

Safe and reliable Fortnite V-Bucks purchases

Buy Fortnite V-Bucks Cards from our store for a secure and instant way to boost your balance. Our cards support various payment methods and can be used on PC, consoles, and mobile. Choose the appropriate card for your platform and spending needs from denominations of 1000, 2800, 5000, and 13500 V-Bucks.

Need help with your Fortnite Gift Card ?

As a thank you for your purchase, we have a loyalty program that lets you earn points for free gift cards with every purchase. No registration is necessary, and points are valid for a year with your linked email. Our customer service team is available to help with your Fortnite Gift Card, and we provide guides and tutorials to enhance your Fortnite experience, including a step-by-step guide to activating your V-Bucks code. Contact our help center for assistance.

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