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RuneScape Membership Cards provide access to exclusive skills, quests, and areas in both RuneScape and OSRS. These cards unlock a world of adventure, allowing players to explore new lands and master trades.

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Buy OSRS membership codes online

Instantly upgrade your RuneScape adventure with a RuneScape membership card. Perfect for dedicated adventurers across Gielinor, whether you're battling through Old School RuneScape (OSRS) or exploring the vast world of RuneScape 3, these cards provide a fast and easy way to gain membership. With over 70 secure payment options available worldwide, including PayPal, Visa & MasterCard, Crypto, and Revolut, securing your RuneScape membership online is not only swift but also convenient.

Benefits of a RuneScape membership Card

RuneScape membership offers exclusive content, including over 200 quests, new skills, and unique areas like Prifddinas and Menaphos. Benefits also extend beyond gaming, with access to premium features on the website and companion app, as well as priority support and members-only forums.

Gifting a RuneScape membership

A digital RuneScape membership card is a great gift for anyone who enjoys the game and is suitable for any occasion. If you are unsure of the recipient's interest in the game, consider gifting an Eneba Gift Card or an EA Gift Card instead.

Get a RuneScape membership Card with confidence and security

Buy RuneScape membership safely and quickly with Skine. Our membership cards are valid worldwide and offer immediate access to RuneScape benefits. Trust us for a secure transaction.

Contact us for help with OSRS membership codes

We offer excellent customer service and expertise for everything related to RuneScape. Our team can help with any questions about buying or activating your membership card. Just contact our help center for assistance or feedback. We also provide guides and tutorials to enhance your RuneScape experience. Check out our "redeem instructions" for a step-by-step guide on activating your membership code.

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